The Resource Syndicate is a Pakistani based startup BPO and Call Center service provider in Pakistan. Possessing a strong understanding of your business and culture, we understand what your requirements are when opting for Outsourcing software and app support. The Ability to provide your with a 24/7 responsive helpdesk to maximize and cater the needs of your clients and customers.

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The services that Resource Syndicate offers can be customized. Depending on the size of your company, the work nature and the complexity of the workflow.

We would love to hear you out and how would you like us to outsource and merge your working environment with ours to make is beneficial for both, You and your clients.


In a digital world, speed is vital. Customers want products and services as soon as possible, and this expectation has become the standard. One aspect of the market that hasn’t quite caught up to this is customer services departments.

The average response time for a customer service request received via social media is ten hours, with those received via email taking longer than 12 hours.
This is a crucial time to act and outsource your customer support departments to be engages with your clients 24/7 for an even more better customer success and response rate.
The more they know that you are listening to them, the more satisfied they are.

Main Advantages of BPO Outsourcing:


This is the number one reason why companies turn to outsourcing. Everything comes straight down to a Universal truth that outsourced teams are more competent, target driven, are hungry to learn more and more cheap than your locally picked teams.

Having an in-house Client support / success department, as well as maintaining technology, expenses, salaries, admin costs etc. can be costly. Outsourcing your tech support will hugely reduce your operational costs since you do not need to invest in technology and human resources anymore.
So you are actually saving for something better.


Having a team of skilled professionals handle your customer support / success can ensure that your daily business processes are processed with unsurpassed accuracy. BPO companies often have a team of experienced employees who are skilled and as knowledgeable as the same person you may find locally at a Higher cost. This is however, not the case when you outsource your responsibilities to a BPO.


Call centers only hire exceptional talents who are experts in their fields. When you work with Resource Syndicate BPO to provide for your technical support services, you can be assured that the agents providing the service have been thoroughly screened and are experienced professionals.


Instead of spending thousands of dollars recruiting and putting together a team of customer support, customer success or even telesales representatives sounds expensive.
The same task can be done with experienced and skilled staff at nearly half the cost per hour/week/month.  When partnered with a business process outsourcing company, businesses no longer need to spend on infrastructure, equipment, and tools to do their contract processing. All of these are handled by the BPO, helping the business owners leverage the assets brought to the table by BPO companies.


Having a skilled team helping you on a project for a short period of time is one thing, however, making sure that your project is up and running for a longer period of time is something else.

It takes time to pick and choose the right professional resource which are comfortable to change and can adapt to any given situation and scenario.

BPO companies and many Call centers in Pakistan have a vast pool of skilled workers with a high level of professionalism towards the goals and KPIs defined.
With the country’s diverse cultural background and an experienced team of learned professional resources you are all set to go for that success that you have always wished for and worked for, but could not achieve.


Outsourcing your business processes to a BPO Does not only saves you good amount of time, in fact also lets you in on the hidden talent around the globe. When an outsourced support team does the given tasks, new ideas and approach are automatically introduced via conferences and group meetings.

It is a break from the usual mold.


An in-house training team A fixed resource, requires you to train them step by step. When a new resource is introduced, this becomes your responsibility that you have to train this resource again, and the cycle continues with every new hire. Sounds tiring, doesn’t it.

Do not worry, we have it covered for you. Once trained and updated on your product/application every new resource that is hired will be fully trained and ready to take up challenges on call / email / chat just like any seasoned employee.


In every day business processes and operations, there are deadlines to beat, and sometimes this involves overtime and extra hours put in from your employees.
This is not the case when you are in partnership with resource syndicate. You are only obliged to pay on hourly basis as the hours paid before.